20 New Beginner Tutorials Explaining Features And Tools

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    Hey Boxers!

    Hope you are all having a great summer! I wanted to share an update about some new Buildbox 3 documentation.

    We just added 20 new beginner tutorials that cover some of the various features and tools you can find in the software. There are still many more features and tools that need to be covered and we will add them as soon as possible. We are going to try and have 5 more by early next week.

    Buildbox 3 Features and Tools

    Many of you have asked for more advanced tutorials and we promise to add those soon as well! Please do not think that we are ignoring your requests or will not get to them. I have looked at your feedback and will get to your tutorials asap!

    We are currently working on getting more tutorials to you all faster and working on developing more templates as well. Please feel free to give us feedback about these tutorials and also suggest any tutorials that you would like to see.

    Thank you, Boxers!

    Keep Boxing,
    Zack Griset
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    wow that's great page for beginners thanks Zack. I remember last year I was watching your videos on youtube :)
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    Tutorials about:
    -> Progress bar for coins / point. When actor picks up a coin, the progress bar to move. Customizable for X number of coins as an attribute for each level if needed
    -> Character unlock with coins or in-app purchase in BB3
    -> Unlock coin packs with in-app purchase
    -> Various or creative ways to use Send / Receive/ Threshold nodes
    -> Adding Retry / Last Chance option after Level Failed and how to add countdown solution on the UI for this.
    -> How to use Follow Node?
    -> Creative ways to use State Machine node (example, character states like idle, running, jumping or something else)
    -> How to create a perfect score when a perfect action is executed by character or player
    -> Zoning Effect. How to set different colors or zones in games, especially if scenes are randomly aligned.
    -> How to create a magnet effect in BB3. Ex. power-up magnet for coins, even magnet for enemies and magnet for platform objects with respect to the character?

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    Awesome Zack! Another great move in the right direction. It's nice to see these things broken down into smaller chunks. Makes it much easier than digging through a 30 minute video because you remembered something about how to do "xyz". Thanks!
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