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    1. harbime
      Greetings Zack. Please help me to purchase BB3, I'm trying but your web site has a bug that won't allow anyone to purchase. I sent emails to support but no answer, I posted a topic in forum and many people are facing the same. Please help.
    2. TheGameAppStudio
      Hi,I am trying to set reward ads using custom ads for android.I managed to show interstitial ads instead of reward video.But when i close the ads it doesn't resume from last checkpoint.Can you help me find the code in android studio that would resume game from last checkpoint.Its quiet urgent.Thank you :)
    3. isac cabrera
      isac cabrera
      Hi zack!!, i am trying to put a trail into four objects, two of them are moving up and down and trail is working great but the other two objects are moving from left and right and the trail doesn't appear. Can it be fixed?
      1. ZackGriset
        Hey isac, please send in your bbdoc to and we will take a look at it
        Dec 8, 2018
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      2. isac cabrera
        isac cabrera
        Ok, i will, thanks!
        Dec 9, 2018
    4. RishabhMehta
      Hi Zack,

      Can we save our progress in game just like Phases? After quitting game, again when we come back can we start just where we have left?
      1. Josh (Nology Games)
        Josh (Nology Games)
        all you need to do is set up checkpoints, and instead of having the "Start" button, start the game, you can set it up to load the last checkpoint. then people can quit and come back to play at the last checkpoint.
        Nov 17, 2018
    5. Vadim
      Hi Zack, I didn't find support e-mail. Could you please provide one?
      I've got an issue with my game.
      I made it and release at Google Play. And all was fine.
      But after that I added one scene and at the Buildbox preview game works fine.
      But android app crashes on device.
      I've got logs from Android Studio:
      A/libc: Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 7905 (GLThread 20788)

      Please, help me.
      Thank you
      1. Josh (Nology Games)
        Josh (Nology Games)
        The email that you requested
        Nov 14, 2018
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    6. RishabhMehta
      Hi Zack,Will you make a video on how to integrate ads in your game i.e., Android Studio + Heyzap Mediation + Admob for android version. I've seen your video on youtube but the problem is this, Heyzap is now called it as Fyber and their current SDK(FairBid Android SDK) is totally different and looking hard to integrate ads. Earlier it was easy to integrate but now it's complicated. I'm Looking for your response.
      1. ZackGriset
        Hey there Rishabh, I haven't taken a look at the current SDK yet so I'll need to do that first. But I may be able to do a tutorial on that down the road
        Nov 4, 2018
      2. RishabhMehta
        Hi Zack, I got the solution but there is one problem with that.The only thing that we have to do is to add Fairbid maven SDK in our Build.gradle file i.e., Repositories & Dependency. The other thing is to do is to add Google Play Service SDK i.e., implementation code under dependency. It works fine but it doesn't show any video ads.

        I have learnt many things from you, you're amazing!
        Nov 14, 2018
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    7. Bilz636
      HI Zeck, Can you please make more tutorials on present "pick lock" & "pinball" It's little complicated to understand by viewing template.
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      2. Christoph
        Zeck is on the treck
        Apr 10, 2018
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      3. ZackGriset
        Hey sure! I can probably make a youtube video for pinball for sure. What is pick lock though? I don't know that one. Do you mean lock star?
        Apr 10, 2018
      4. Bilz636
        yeah lock star
        Apr 11, 2018
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