Weird: Heyzap Mediation Overrides Admob?

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by itzonator, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Dec 18, 2017
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    I've noticed something very weird with HeyZap and Admob.

    When I have the following configuration (HeyZap + Admob) in Buildbox:

    Buildbox Advert.png

    Admob Interstitials and Banners are not working at all, because somehow Heyzap overrides Admob banner and Admob interstitial when I setup Admob as part of the Heyzap mediation. Have you experienced this yourself?

    I'd like to have Admob as a stand alone configuration outside Heyzap. Should I try to disable Admob from the HeyZap's mediation in order for Admob to show? It seems like I cannot have both for some reason.

    Is there a way to have HeyZap rewarded videos (with Admob added to the mediation) and Admob Banner / Interstitial to show independently apart from HeyZap? How to achieve this? Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your time!

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