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    Hello BuildBox users, we are a Happy inc. a new ios game publishing company that uses the best methods to promote your games through social media. We love what Trey Smith and his team have done to make BuildBox as great as it is and the games you can make with it. We came here to the BuildBox forums because we love the games you guys can make. they're simple, addicting, good looking, and most importanlty made by the consumer. We see what you guys are capable of and we want to show that off to the world. We are asking you, the creators to send us your best, addicting, beautiful, game you worked on till the sun came back up. If you are interested in getting your game to the top of the charts, then send us an email at publishing@happyincgames.com with a little about your game and your goals, Don't be shy:)

    Thanks, Happy inc.

    *If you have any questions you can shoot us a email at info@happyincgames.com

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