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    Some of you may know me already. My name is Florian and I am the CEO of Yabado. In the past, we developed some #1 games, such as Ball Jump and Bottle Flip 3D. Many of our games got published and we also helped other studios to be successful.

    Now we are looking for talented Buildbox developers. The plan is to create a team of experts. This is what you will need:

    -> Deep understanding for games
    -> You should know every function of the Buildbox software in detail
    -> Basic knowledge of game and level design
    -> You should be able to create scripts using Javascript from scratch
    -> Good English skills

    Job: Full-time or half-time.

    We are currently working on new hyper casual, ultra casual and idle games. At the beginning, you will be working directly with me. I will show you how to structure a project and how to develop functions that can be used for all future projects, such as master files for dynamic camera changes.

    Please apply directly at buildbox@yabado.info

    It will be helpful to include a link to your portfolio or a video that shows your best two prototypes or games.

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