We Are Betting On Our Creators — Big News From Buildbox Ceo Jonathan Zweig

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Sean Buildbox, May 18, 2021.

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    Bad decision
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    It doesn't say profit share. It is revenue share. It comes out of the top. The revenue share idea for the pro version is a non-starter for me because it would be very expensive. Makes the plus version useless for everybody and makes the free version only useful for people that do this as a hobby. I hear stories about tens of thousands of organic installs (but that has never been a reality for me). My gross profit margins are at around 30% of what I invest in user acquisition. If I spend $3000 on a game I get around $3900 in gross revenue. On the free version, my share of the revenue would be $1170 (losing money). On the plus version, I would receive $2745 (still underwater). It wouldn't be until the pro version that I come out ahead and lose about 5% of all my gross profits.
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