Trey Smith Interview (buildbox Founder)

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    Available to watch over the next 48hrs at The Appreneur Summit.

    • Exactly what you need to do to build games that earn 65 million downloads
    • Why pitching a publisher might be your best chance for huge success in 2018--and how to pitch successfully
    • The one big downside to signing with a publisher
    • What you should be paying attention to on the app stores right now
    • How much time you should spend on polish
    • How to make game design manageable if it's your side gig
    • The one thing that separates the amateurs from the pros
    • What you should be focused on now that ASO is dead
    • Why the "Model & Improve" technique will make you a better game developer
    • And much, much, more!
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    Spend twice as much time polishing as you did making the game lol

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