Transform Logic Isn't Working After Adding Advanced Move.

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    My problem is, I'm putting two transform logic to each sides of an object. When objects moves forward and hits the transform, it multiplies its velocity to -1 and makes it turn backwards. Then the object hits other transform the same way and turns again. It is working perfectly fine.

    Then I'm adding an 'advanced move' to the object. (The normal velocity of the object is 75) When click, it adds -150 or multiplies with -1(works both ways). So what I'm trying to do is when I clicked to screen, I want the object to go backwards or vice versa. It works fine too. But whenever I click even once, the transform logic doesn't seem to be working anymore. How do I fix it?

    I want to be able to control the the way objects move with click (via 'advanced move'), and I want them to obey the transform logic afterwards.(It doesn't)

    (P.S. Türkçe cevap da yazabilirsiniz.[I'll understand Turkish answers too.])

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