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Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by clin407, May 26, 2016.

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    Can someone explain the difference between the three types of point gathering? Specifically I want to know WHEN each one resets to 0.

    From my understanding, best is stored in a way where even if you exit the game (or force close) it'll save the score so when you come back a few days later, it'll show the best score. How do you reset the best score?

    Total is just for the overall points in the current game, reset only when you use the restart function or when you exit the game.

    And current is just for the current scene/world?

    Simply point, what's the difference between the three (current, total and best) and what causes the reset back to zero. Are scenes/worlds taken into account?

    I checked the manual and forum threads but there's no thread focused on discussing it so hopefully people can find this thread in the future if they are confused on the three.
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    this is correct
    unistall the app
    This would be the function of current actually... Total gets stored as well, for instance, the total amount of coins I have collected the entire time I've had the game installed, or, the total amount of points I have scored the entire time I have had the game installed... reset to zero requires an unistall
    or game.. correct.. reset to zero requires restarting the game
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    in game curency = total number of coins.
    in this case player can cheat dies intentionally to get easy in game currency.
    is there any method to set in game currency = curent number of coins?

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