Tomeo And Duliet

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    Tomeo and Duliet

    Available on Google Play
    And App Store


    Duliet has been kidnapped by a clan of evil doodles. She has been hung from the highest tower of the castle, inside an iron cage. Duliet cries inconsolably and waits impatiently for her rescue.
    When Tomeo learns that his beloved Duliet is a prisoner, he does not hesitate to rescue her from her ordeal.

    To rescue his beloved, Tomeo must take the key that will open the cage where Duliet is locked.

    Tomeo and Duliet is a game of skill and ingenuity. In each level a maximum number of attempts is established to fulfill the objective.

    Tomeo is the character who must rescue Duliet. In order to do so, Tomeo is controlled by using a slingshot.

    Assets by Kenney

    I would be grateful if you gave me less than 5 positive game reviews on Google Play and the App Store.
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