Soundbox Is Back And 50% Off!

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    We are so excited to share that Soundbox, our audio software for game developers, is back and better than ever!

    With 7,500 audio clips and professional mixing and mastering tools, Soundbox lets you create your own music and sound effects for your game.

    Easily warp samples in real-time with click and drag, mix and match, and add layers. Plus, use the BPM grid snapping feature to customize the tempo and stay on beat.

    You can also edit tracks with sample syncing, locking, and pitch control. Fade the volume, speed up the audio, use pan options, and pro sound layering.

    Soundbox lets you quickly export your music projects in popular formats like MP3, Wave, AIF, and FLAC. To use your audio files in your Buildbox games, simply export them as MP3.

    But wait, there’s more!
    For a limited time, you can get 50% Off Soundbox or the Ultimate Bundle plan (Buildbox Classic Pro + Buildbox 3 Pro + Soundbox)!

    Are you ready to level up your game's sound?

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