Should I Just Push Out Games?

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    I'm new to the game industry, but I have been creating graphics for the past four years, so I decided to use my skill in graphics to make ios games with the drag-and-drop game creator. I have a few questions:

    1) Should I buy an apple developer account?
    a. If so, then should I just push out tons of well-polished games out there (cross promoting), and wish for the best?
    b. If not, why not?

    2) Is it worth publishing?
    a. Specifically Nanovation; can I make a decent profit from them? I wanted to publish with Appsolute, but they are changing the type of games they publish, which won't work for me.
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    Get your Apple account once you think you game is nearly ready, you'll want a Testflight Build to send to publishers.
    Pitch the publishers first and if your game is good enough, they will publish it, period.
    If no-one wants it, then it's probably best to self publish and move onto the next project.
    Profit is purely based game by game and monetisation methods deployed.
    Wishing for the best is probably not a good strategy.
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