Set Up Applovin, Chartboost And Facebook Within Buildbox With The Gdpr For Ios

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by deborahjmossman, Jul 3, 2019.

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    I will pay for someone to make a video and show me how to do this...

    I would like to run ad mediation through buildbox and send the proper GDRP consent to the different ad companies like apploving, chartboost, facebook, ect.

    I know there is and option of a custom box in buildbox, so if someone knows how to do this, then forward the consent to the different companies.

    Or I have figured out how to have the admob user consent running is there any way to send the consent to these other ad companies?

    I hired a developer to make me a video on how to do add user consent for iOS for admob but I would like to have more than just admob. I am not a coder but if you make a video I can follow it and I would be willing to pay as much as I paid my developer.

    Thanks in advance..

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