Scenes Arrangement - Pick Random From 1 To 10 After Few Min 11 To 20 After Few Min 21 To 30..

Discussion in 'Buildbox 3.0' started by Saravanan Manickam, May 3, 2020.

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    Apr 18, 2020
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    I made a platform runner endless game, But there are 16 (Levels) scenes, Easy to hard Difficulties. I shuffle Levels. so When I start, much time hard levels come first. How to arrange the levels. Can You tell me? I use 3.2 version.
    I tried Edit- Align Option
    For that finishing scene, the Character just going on, no scenes getting a repeat. I need to start scene from1, 2, 3, and go like that, when it reaches some scene no, eg 10 it should pick some random scene no from 3 to 10, after few minutes it should go 11th to 20th like that. After a few minutes, it should pick 21 to 30. Is it possible?

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