Road Runner 3d By Itzo Games

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    Hey everyone, I am super excited to announce the pre-order of my upcoming game, "Road Runner 3D", stunning running-puzzle-adventure game.

    Pre-order now:

    - Run the hell out and do not stop. You need to cross the finish line!

    - Avoid obstacles

    - Slow down or speed up while running to strategically avoid dangerous objects

    - Challenge friends and complete as many levels as you can.




    - Beautiful, vibrant artwork.

    - Soundtrack with a adventorious vibe.

    - Short but "sweet" levels

    - Optimized for all devices; looks great on iPads as well.

    - Simple controls, suitable for any age.

    - Play Offline, no internet connection required to play

    - No violence, stress-free; play at your own pace.


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