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Discussion in 'How Can I...?' started by patostar, Jun 24, 2018.

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    I paid a developer to make me a simple android game, my designs but he coded it on android studio, and I was earnings a lot, like about 180 to 210$ daily, for like 3 month, I had 128k downloads but only 35k active users, I know that active users aren't too much compared to the total number, but like I said I earned a lot, but 3 days ago, I started to lost like 80% of the earnings, without any sign or warning, both deletes and active users are increasing slightly, so this is not the problem, my app was ranked 4th and still there on play store, impressions decreased, number of clicks and almost everything, like 80% loss, and by the way 90% of my users are from USA and the earnings are from there too, so this issue has nothing to do with GDPR.

    Right now I am earning only about 20 to 40$, I sent Admob an email but they haven't responded yet.

    Can someone help here? I was depending on these earnings and I quit my job, but my future is collapsing in front of me :(
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    Unfortunately this is the nature of using ad networks for income.
    They are completely unreliable and inconsistent.

    It sounds like you had an amazing run and much more success than many people.

    Whilst it's very difficult without analytics to determine why people are no longer playing there are a couple of things you could try.
    Maybe start a new marketing campaign on Social Media to introduce it to new players, or to increase the retention of users that are still playing, try adding new worlds, levels or characters to your game.
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    It you update the game? Maybe that is part of the reason. If you release a game that has some kind of traction, it's good practice to update it with new items for your players and challenges. As Aaro said, you could perhaps use social media (like instagram ads/facebook) to get some extra downloads - but if you haven't updated the game - that is what I would do immediately.
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    (one year later) Reward videos can be a helpful way to monetize new content in the form of a new character, skins, maps, etc..

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