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    Hello, I have two questions about how you can buy characters and the purchase proces.

    I don't understand how you can make a shop with the feature to buy characters for in game currency. I have tried a few things as add more characters and set them to a currency to buy. From that point, I don't understand how to use the purchase and action buttons to buy the character. Could anyone explane it how you can make this?

    My second question is, if you bought a character, how can you let it comes up in the character selection so you can choose it and use it.

    I hope anyone can help me.
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    hi have you found out yet?
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    Oct 10, 2017
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    Hey yorboy88,
    First you set up a character that the user can unlock for in game currency. After that you can simply add a new ui for a character shop and add a Multiple Unlock Character Button. There you can see that it shows all your characters in the game and if the user wants to buy the unlockable character he would ismply press on it to purchase it. You can have a "locked" image if a character is locked and still needs more coins to unlock or can only be unlocked by purchasing it for real money.
    I added some screenshots here to show you how this could look:

    First create another UI (you can also do this on your main menu if you want)

    Now add the Multiple Character Button wich you can find under the "Character" section:

    Now here is what the user will see when he opens that ui:


    Of course this now looks a bit unclean but you can adjust the settings how you like! :)

    I hope I could help you with your problem,
    Noah :)

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