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    Hello everybody!

    I started working on a new project using BB two weeks ago, recently I started working more hours at my job which makes it harder to really dive into the problems I'm having with my project, since I'm new to the software.

    Therefore, I'm looking for someone who has some experience in BB to help me out and fix a few small issues. I'm pretty confident it won't take too much effort for someone who knows the software.

    What are the types of fixes you'll do?
    > Fix the starting platform so it becomes an enemy after the player launched.
    > Fix & optimize flying mechanics
    > Give me some advice on the resolution of my UI.
    > Maybe something small I'm forgetting right now.

    The only downside to this is that you won't have tons of time to finish it, since I need my prototype pretty soon (You'll get enough time though).

    Interested? Please send me an e-mail at boomerangstudios@hotmail.com with some information about who you are and some of the work you've done.

    Thank you for your time!

    Kind regards,

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