Organizing Scenes Into Groups - Is It Possible?

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    Is it possible to group scenes together?

    A basic example below would be.

    3 Groups.
    Each Group contains different scenes.

    - The game would start with Scene 1 in Group 1.
    - The scenes would play randomly, then when scene 6 is reached there would be an event that can result in either an A or B result.
    -For the sake of this example, lets say this is an endless runner, and if you have collected 10 points by the time you reach scene 6, then you trigger the Group 2 scenes. If you have less than 10 points, you trigger Group 3 scenes.
    - While triggering a new group of scenes, you also deactivate Group 1 scenes from playing.

    Is something like this possible in Buildbox?

    Thank you


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