New Update: Buildbox 3.5.5 Is Now Live!

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    We just released Buildbox 3.5.5!

    This new version features an updated in-app purchase system, allowing players to purchase and repurchase consumables. Also, crashes, errors, and restoration of data related to in-app purchases have been fixed.

    Game Data is now synced to the iCloud Keychain for Apple users and Android Backup for Android users, allowing your users to restore purchases and progress when switching to new devices.

    In this update, we added the ability to buy templates directly inside Buildbox from other users through the Templates tab. You can submit your templates for sale via the Buildbox Shop portal.

    We've also added a new tools menu option to remove unused keyframe animations.


    For a detailed list of changes, you can view the complete change log below:

    Here's What's New in Buildbox 3.5.5!

    Updated In-App Purchase System
    • Added ability to purchase and repurchase Consumables
    • Added new set/check Unlock status nodes
    • Purchase Node updated to In-App Purchase node using new API
    • Unlocks and purchases of all types can be saved to Game Data which solves an Apple rejection complaint
    • Game data is synced to iCloud Keychain and Android Backup and automatically restored, allowing users to continue their game across multiple devices
    • Moved Restore Purchases into its own easy-to-use button
    • Buildbox JS API updated for System.inAppPurchase which provides success/fail callback and reason; old System.purchase has been deprecated.
    • APIs updated to the latest Apple and Google requirements
    • Fixed related in-app purchase crashes and other errors


    • Ability to buy templates directly from other users via the Templates tab
    • Ability to sell templates to other users via
    • New Tools Menu Option, Remove Unused Keyframe Animations​

    Fixed Issues
    • Menus no longer disable on Mac after clicking on a window's title bar
    • Inability to clear linked BBassets from spawn nodes
    • Display of long or negative values in attribute fields
    • Custom Slider Step Size advanced option
    • Changed values no longer revert when sections minimized
    • Missing pin attribute option for certain attribute types
    • Pinned color attributes can now be edited when multiple objects selected
    • Double-clicking text & values selects instead of deleting values
    • Naming of custom brainboxes (groups of nodes)​
    We can't wait to see what you create with Buildbox 3.5.5!


    As always, ensure you are creating backups of your BBDOCs before using this build. If there are any bugs found, please shoot it over with details to

    We can’t wait to see the awesome games you create with Buildbox!
    Thank you so much for your continued support; we truly appreciate it. Be sure to check back here soon for more exciting updates and announcements!
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    @Hue Buildbox still how many light years do you guys want to implement acheivements, asked so many times and got copy pasted reply, is achievements really going to be there in buildbox 3 or not??

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