New Forms Of Bugs, After Exporting.......

Discussion in 'Buildbox General Discussion' started by mohamed awad, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Hey Boxers,
    there are weird issues on Android Exported game
    Firstly, i tested game on 2 Phones with different android versions and Bluestacks
    on 2 phones, the game is too slow (not smooth ) and speed decreases + changes slightly
    i used a tail follow character with length depends on character speed
    it's ultra-short compared to BB preview,

    another one,
    i used Touch Rotate method,
    It definitely works on BB preview but it didn't work when i tested on android

    Objects color changed, become more contrast
    and i'm sure this is not due to the color of the phone screen because i export one game using BB2 V2.3.3 have the same colors and it's fine but BB3 ......

    game is smooth and normal like BB preview BUT....

    the Light Sun is disappear
    and cast shadow too
    objects no longer reflects shadow from point light or spot light

    and Touch Rotate method still not working on Bluestacks,

    last thing...
    I don’t know if this is a problem or what, but anyway,
    the objects shadow disappear when object comes out of screen
    the problem is it if the shadow is tilted along the camera movement path,
    i tried to increase Deleted scene threshold and render distance but noting happen
    if you want to understand this open BB 3 and use FLY Template
    open it and enable cast shadow and received shadow for Obstacles and plane object
    change rotation for x axis to -45 degree,position for y axis to 17
    and shadow intensity for light sun to 1.5 and play

    if you do this
    try to push the character right very fast when start playing on preview
    many times It passes through the wall and not destroyed
    this one more issue too.....

    now what ?
    only two days have passed since I downloaded BB3 and i found all of this ?
    I haven't exported to ios........
    who knows, maybe i find more...

    i think BB2 is more usability and functionalty than BB3
    and there many functions that's available in BB2 but is not in BB3
    closest to representation of a drag and drop,
    how the newest is the least practical ?
    hell, where is the logic ???

    anyway, i hope you find solution for this issues quickly......
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  2. mohamed awad

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    sorry for poor english.......
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    Thank you for beta testing our software. Best! :p

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