New Buildbox World Android Update: Now With Storygames Ai!

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    We’ve just released a new update for Buildbox World on Android! This latest version now includes StoryGames AI, allowing you to create and play your own StoryGame Bits without ever having to leave the app.

    Build with StoryGames AI Right on Your Phone
    StoryGames AI is our new AI tool that can quickly build visual novel games. All you have to do is type what story you want to tell, and the game is ready in minutes. Your game (aka StoryGame Bit) will feature a captivating storyline, interactive choices, and stunning visuals. It even generates an eye-catching icon for you. No design skills, game assets, or coding are necessary!

    You can now create any story you want right inside the Buildbox World app! If you’re on the go and need to stop, don’t worry. You can use the restore option to save your progress and continue building later.


    All of the games you create are initially only visible to you, but you can view all your Bits, and submit them for global sharing from the app. And once approved, you can share with family, friends, and social media followers via your own QR code.

    The creative options are endless with StoryGames, whether your preferred genre is mythological fantasy, detective noir thrillers, classic romance, or science fiction dystopia. With StoryGames AI, you can take your players to places they’ve only dreamed of, with dangers they couldn’t have imagined.

    And that’s not all!​

    You Can Win $500 & More!
    We are currently hosting a game jam to celebrate the release of StoryGames AI. The grand prize is $500 and there’s still time to enter. The theme is ‘Tropical Paradise,’ and the rules are simple. Use the StoryGames AI feature to create a game with an added game mechanic in addition to the visual novel element. Your story can be about whatever you want as long as it features a tropical setting.

    All entries must be submitted through the Buildbox World App and have the ‘BBJAM01 code in their game title. We recommend sharing your Bit (Buildbox World submitted game) on social platforms like Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. The Bit with the most social re-shares on those platforms, plus bit score (our secret formula that measures engagement), wins!

    There will be a total of five cash prize winners! Here’s what you can win:​

    The submission deadline is this Sunday, September 3rd, at 11:59 PM PST! Don’t miss out – sign up now and start creating your entry using the latest update of Buildbox World on Android today!



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