Network Adapters And Network Sdk For Mediation (ios)

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by Kanishk Sachdeva, Dec 12, 2018.

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    (For iOS) I am using MoPub mediation for my project. I am aware that most Buildbox users don't use MoPub for monetisation but I think my question is generic and I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer it.
    I just need to know how and where to integrate adapters and how and where to put the SDK of other Networks that I am using for mediation ( such as AdMob and Chartboost ).
    I have a cocoa pods script that has been generated by MoPub.
    Something like this
    # AdColony
    pod 'MoPub-AdColony-Adapters'

    # Chartboost
    pod 'MoPub-Chartboost-Adapters'

    # AppLovin
    pod 'MoPub-Applovin-Adapters'

    # Google (AdMob)
    pod 'MoPub-AdMob-Adapters'

    # Vungle
    pod 'MoPub-Vungle-Adapters'

    This should be used to integrate the adapters. It says me to paste it somewhere. I don't know where to paste it. Can anyone explain ?
    Also will I have to manually download the SDK for other Networks and add manually in the project ( if yes, where do I put them in Xcode ) .

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