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    Hello, I need your help.

    In rewarded purchase section, I see custom button for rewarded videos. I want to integrate Vungle Rewarded Videos for that custom instance, how to do that in Visual Studio 2015?

    Also, in Vungle, there's a video banner ad I can add as a Banner Placement in a Windows app, and for the banner, there's also a Custom button option. How do I do that in Visual Studio 2015?

    Please check the screenshot as attachment to this message!

    I do not know how to code, that's why I use BuildBox, so I hope you can help with this "custom" option so that I can take advantage. I also emailed support, but not sure if they process such inquiries.

    For Windows exports, I see only Vungle App ID, which is great, so I created multiple ad placements for banners, interstitials and rewarded videos, but with this "custom" functionality not sure how to do it can you help?

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