Move Character Clockwise (one Tap)

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    Hello everybody,

    I want to move a character (cube,circle, whatever) clockwise by tapping anywhere on the screen. To do this I would need to execute four taps to move it into the position on start. I tried this little trick with a Switch, but noticed that the Switch only provides an A-B option and not a A,B,C,D options. So this didn't work.

    Of course I made it to work by positioning four character buttons:

    Button Right 1 (Linear: 10/0)
    Button Right 2 (Linear: 0/-10)
    Button Right 3 (Linear: -10/0)
    Button Right 4 (Linear: 0/10)

    But going clockwise I have to tap on four different buttons and I want to execute the same movement with just tapping anywhere on the screen four times.

    Does anybody of you has a solution for this problem? I hope you all understood what I want. :)

    Any help is highly appreciated!

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