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    Hello Boxers, with the new traffic we have been getting due to our amazing Game Jams and even more amazing, the release of our free version of our software. We have decided we will be giving our members the chance to be more involved within our community and to take a role of leadership as a Moderator.

    if you are hoping to become a part of our team of moderators, here is our step by step guide

    Step 1: Open up your email and send this to
    Step 2: In the subject section please type the following "Moderator Application: Username: Your username"
    Step 3: Copy the message below and paste it into the message box of the email
    Step 4: fill out the details
    Step 5: Press send and wait for our reply!

    its as easy as that! We look forward to hearing from you

    Full name:
    Email used for Buildbox:
    Forum Username:
    Discord Username:

    What Buildbox/AOB software do you currently have:

    How long have you been a part of the Buildbox community:

    What skills do you currently have in our Community, such as Coding, game design, graphic design and so on:

    What games have you released with Buildbox, if any:

    Tell us about yourself:

    why would you like to be apart of our Moderator team:

    Final question, what does the no code movement mean to you:
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