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    Hello Everyone...
    Without much unhelpful talk or explanation

    in this video, I'm trying to simulate a car move with simple assets
    4 cylinders linked (Hinge) to a body, all dynamic and move node inside the body,

    I think it is very clear that there are deviations in a vehicle that is moving on the right road unlike that which is moving on the left.
    At the first, I didn't know what is the reason for this, but I thought that collision curve dashes (appears on game preview) are the reason as it appears in these lines on the body that do not appear on the other way
    After testing some other shapes on the Internet, I discovered that these dashes are really the reason for that, as the wheels collide these dashes or walking on them in a more correct sense... causes a deviation for the car...
    These are some of the shapes that I tested
    Some of them are online assets
    and I have tested all of these shapes on another game engine and this problem did not appear at all

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

    This is the first problem

    all the next FBX assets tested on fbx editors, online fbx viewers, mixamo, and anther game engine
    no need to explain the problems

    third one...
    different views for the same fbx...

    on camera view


    on the world editor view

    on the subScene node (check it on the manager)

    the final result on the game preview

    and as I said above I have tested all these assets on many platforms...
    I have sent the bbdoc file to support with a link to this thread

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