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    Hey guys! This is my latest release: Make a Mess. Thoughts?

    Game's premise: We all make a mess in our lives at some point and often times we feel bad about it (guilty) or get punished for it. Well, I designed this game to encourage to MAKE A MESS and actually the game will reward you when you make even more mess. The reason why we encourage making a mess is because to release any stress, tension, and eventually to help you release your breaks (from bad emotions built up over the years).

    Do not be afraid to make a mess here. Break the hell out of everything to complete a level. Let it flow, let it smash, let it crash, let it burn! :)

    Disclaimer: we do not encourage making mess in real life, that's a stress-relief game for God's sake. :D

    The game controls are easy to play: hover over the ball, drag and release slingshot - like in pool games. The ball obeys the law of physics so it will destroy and make a mess along its way.

    Let me have your thoughts on this: rate, like, comment.

    - Perfect score rewards
    - Ability to skip a level you cannot complete
    - Easy to play
    - Ball shop with different ball effects
    - Super Addictive
    - Tracks level's progress
    - Saves level's progress
    - And much more!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download now!
    It's free!

    SPECIAL THANKS to @AppNasty - the game was developed off his initial template idea "Angry Birds."

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