Lock and Unlock logic piece issues

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    Mar 21, 2016
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    I'm trying to implement a challenge mode for one of my games using BB2.
    Here's what I did and my issues:

    1) I placed lock button and unlock logic piece in "level selector" UI. I mapped the destination, world and scene appropriately.
    2) I currently have 3 levels
    3) Level 1 starts at start screen and ends at start screen. Working fine.
    4) Level 2 starts at scene 1 and ends at scene 3. This level starts at start screen instead of scene 1.
    5) Level 3 starts at scene 4 and ends at scene 5. The level starts at scene 3 and I get a blank screen instead of level 4.
    6) I have aligned the scenes and made sure the start and end distances are matching.

    Am I missing anything here???

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