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    Hello everyone,

    I am making a space shooter game (like space invaders) and I made some levels with a level cleared screen at the end. I want it to be that when you clear a level you get a win bonus, like 75 coin for example. For this example i have just made a label that says 75 but in the real game i want to add the 75 to the total so it becomes 95. I can't find anything online for help so if you guys could help it would be awsome. Thanks in advance!

    This is the example:
    Buildbox Help.png
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    This way it will not work in Buildbox at the moment.
    You have two options:

    -The last step where the user wins the game you have a action object with 75 coins.
    But than its not splited like in your image.

    -to get this 75 coin bonus, make a purchase button (maybe a gift-box image..) on the game-over UI - you can animate it and make it bigger other or so, that the user knows to klick on it. In this purchase button you can add a action with 75 coins and set to free
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    Just use an Event Observer at Game Over, that redirects you to a new UI that offers the Bonus and use an Action Button so they have to claim it.

    I do this in Ninja Dive. When the Player scores between 10-20 they get 10 extra Coins, 20-30 gives 20 extra Coins, 30 to 40 gives 30 extra Coins and anything over 40 gives 40 extra Coins.
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