Kill All Enemies To Go To The Next Scene

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    how to move to the next scene after killing all enemies in the current scene?

    From this link I found that

    Add an ACTION coin to the game. Drop it in scene and then COPY it. control C on pc. Open up enemy menu on left said and go into its defeated animation setting, hit control V to paste the coin in. BLOW UP the coin inside the enemies defeated animation to 40 / 40 and make its opacity 0. Now, when each enemy dies, an invisible large coin hits player. You now have 1 coin. Now go to WORLD UI and set it so it takes 30 session coins to win level. Done. Now every time you kill an enemy, you gain a coin and reach the goal.

    But I think its possible only to move from one world to world not scene to scene.I s there any Idea to move from one scene to another by killing all enemies ??

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    The way to do it in build box is to have an invisible barrier that gets damaged every time you kill an enemy. So you would have to put an invisible object in the enemies death animations that damage the barrier and give the barrier the correct health amount. Look at the Ring Wall preset. It does something similar.

    If you really want to get fancy, I would have the invisible barrier's death animation show flashing arrows so the player knows they can progress once they kill all the enemies. Like the old Double Dragon games.

    If you're trying to warp from scene to scene. You can't.

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