Keeper - Football Goalkeeper Penalty Shootout

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    Hi all...

    I picked up BB3 in December, and really it is a great development environment. It has really sped up a lot of development time, and is super easy to use. Really looking forward to what is in store in future for BB.

    Here I present my 3rd BB game:
    Keeper - Football Goalkeeper Penalty Shootout Blocker

    It is a simple game where you are a goalkeeper preventing the footballs (soccer balls) from entering the goal, while at the same time avoiding the spiky balls.

    The 3D character (goalkeeper) was made in Magicavoxel.

    For GUI or other 2D design I use Gravit Designer. It is a great and easy to use vector tool.

    Major Lesson Learnt From This Game:
    1 - Shadows are beautiful, but they are a performance killer on Android devices!
    2 - Also you should "Ground" your magicavoxel models before exporting to get a better pivot point in BB.

    Do give the game a try:
    Keeper - Football Goalkeeper Penalty Shootout Blocker

    Thank you.

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    Oh that's why BB3 example use PNG/fake shadows. Thanks.

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