How To Import Obj Model With Materials

Discussion in 'Buildbox 3.0' started by Ahmad Naamneh, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Ahmad Naamneh

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    Dec 24, 2018
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    Im trying to import an OBJ model from and it shows that the model is colored and have some materials on it, but when i drop the model into BB3 it shows in grey color. without any materials.
    There is a texture selector on the right side panel, but what type of files should i drag to this section and where to find these textures on
    Or if there any solution to get a 3d textured model into BB3.
    Thanks InkedScreenshot 2018-12-26 18.22.33_LI.jpg
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  2. AaroArts

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    Jun 22, 2016
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    I’m wondering this too. Most asset stores only provide the .obj and .mtl.

    Where can we get textures from or find models with png textures?
  3. viking

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Directly from c4d or maya or blender is quiet complicated...
    The easiest : you need to use photoshop to import your obj and bake/export the uv map
    Export the obj with png
    There is a good tuto on the forum
    Best to you
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  4. Ivan Perfetti

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    Sep 9, 2018
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    Hi guys, unfortunately quite often OBJ models you find around don't come with textures files but just material information (.mtl files) but this is not always a problem, it depends on your needs.
    One problem for sure is that as of now Buildbox does not support material files (.mtl) and it just supports one texture image per model (either PNG or JPG).
    You got to consider that material files contains the characteristics of the materials applied to a model or to just a part of it.
    Such information includes colors among others and there are ways to "convert" such information to an image so that you can use it as a texture.

    When you have a model with material information and want to use it in Buildbox a quick solution is to open the model in Blender (which is free) and transfer (bake) such information to a texture, it's not that difficult.
    Baking to a texture means that, depending on your choice, all or just some of the information (colors, materials, lights, reflections, etc.) will be used to generate a single texture image you'll be able to use in Buildbox; learning this is a must in my opinion.
    This solution, even if it will be often fine, is not ideal and that's because you're going to lose information; for example you can't really transfer information about a material reflection into an image.
    By the way you may find quick tutorials from Youtube like this one, it's just a few minutes long:

    First 4 minutes are about vertex painting which may be very useful if you wish to paint directly on the 3D model and then generate a texture from there.
    Last few minutes are about baking, about that just consider that you may bake different information to a texture, in this example video only vertex colors are baked, you may as well select "Full render" to bake every information to a single texture.
    In case you don't know it I'd also suggest to learn something about unwrapping a 3D model and about UV mapping, it's quite useful too.

    There are several websites where to obtain 3d models, even textured ones, one of my favourites is CGtrader, most of the best models are not free but there is a good selection of free models and you may filter searches to only get free models in OBJ format.
    To check if it's textured or has materials you got to look inside model details.
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  5. sebas

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    Nov 4, 2018
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    Hey Guys I'm a pro in Blender and i can give your 3D model a texture, bake this texture with the correct lightning how you want
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  6. jimmyonapp

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    This is a quick solution I figured out, not perfect but it works
  7. Jamesdelray

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    Jan 25, 2017
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    Open the obj model in photoshop, then export 3d layer as an OBJ and check the texture box and choose png file type.
  8. Rasha

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    Jan 3, 2020
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    can I send a file to get the texture and send it back to me?

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