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    Hi, I just bought buildbox today, I want to make a game like color switch mode LINE, where the character follow a line (path) jumping but if it doesn't jump go down rapidly and It dies because there is a monster follow him on his back.

    I tried the jumping option on Buildbox with a path, but it doesn't work, if I set velocity on the path, the character is moved alone, without jumping, and if I don't set the velocity on the path, the character doesn't move at all. If I set velocity to -10, the character goes down, good, but jumping, it doesn't move on the line to the top at all.

    I tried everything, and watched the videos and the manual, but there is not a lot of information about it.

    If you can check color switch on the game mode LINE you will see what I am talking about.

    I usually don't post on forums because almost all the information about other software's like Photoshop or others, you can find a lot of information around, but about this software, I don't find enough information and it's kinda frustrating because it is very expensive, I know I can do a lot things on it, but, HOW?

    Thank you for your time and if you can help me, I will appreciate it.


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