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Discussion in 'Advertising' started by fotios16, Jun 17, 2018.

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    Hey guys,

    I am looking to integrate InMobi with my app. Buildbox doesn't offer InMobi as a direct monetisation link and the only way to do this is through HeyZap.

    However, when I use HeyZap, I am also required to use Fyber and the HeyZap monetisation network ads which I am not interested in at all.

    Is there a way to completely filter out HeyZap/Fyber ads and showcase only InMobi ads. Can this be done via the back-end settings on HeyZap?

    If anyone also knows how to directly hook up InMobi without HeyZap, that'll also be helpful. They're the only ads I wish to show.

    Would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys!

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