Here Is How I Used The "global Counter" Node

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    This might be a stupid way to do that but since I'm not a developer I was looking for a way to find a solution to my problem without touching the code.

    I'm working on a game similar to the basketball where you have to throw a ball and hit a target, using the "Pool" game template, you can tap, drag and release to throw the ball and you can do that again and again. in my game I want to let the player throw the ball just once, something like "jump limit", but since the jump limit code didn't work in my case, I tried the other nodes till I found the "Global Counter" node, I put it at the end of the "Slingshot" node as you can see in the image bellow, I changed the target to 1 to trigger the menu jump event after 1 slingshot to go to a new UI, in the new UI I put a fake navigation button to cover all screen with the block touch through option enabled to prevent the player from using the slingshot again. that's it.


    I hope this can be useful to someone :)
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    Nice tip! Thanks for posting.

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