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    Hey Boxers,

    I have this setup for Global Counter that I have it working, but I'd like to have that for just the first 5 times and then disappear: (Attached to this post) I am trying to have Global Counter node to execute the first 5 times only and then stop.

    The purpose of this is to count how many times the character hits an object and if hits the object 5 times, it will unlock the other characters (via menu jump, event observer). So basically if collide with object 5 times, it will go to even observer (menu jump), but if I set the global counter to 5, it executes this action every 5 times and I'd like to execute just the first 5 times to show some animation that characters are unlocked. So basically this animation will show every 5 times the character hits the object. :)

    Tried with event observer on UI menu (for total points) as it adds 1 point when character collides with the object, but for Total Points bypasses the main UI and redirects to the menu jump, tried session points, best points, did not work. With points I track levels though...

    This is more advanced stuff, do you have any clue on how to solve this problem?


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