Free 3d Dice Models For Table Top Games ✅

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    Free 3D Dice Models for Table Top Games
    Here is a pack of Free 3D Dice Models including 8 Unique Dice for all your Virtual Table Top Games!! The Free 3D Dice Models come with a Unique Stylized Metal/Stone Material with Engraved Numbers and Legends to make it stand out from all those Simple and Bland white plastic Dice.

    List of Dice in the Pack -
    • Cubical Dice
    • 14 Sided Dice
    • Octahedral Dice
    • Dodecahedral Dice
    • Tetrahedral Dice
    • Long Dice 1-2-3-4 Configuration
    • Long Dice 1-2-5-6 Configuration
    • Long Dice 1-3-4-6 Configuration
    Download Free 3D Dice Models

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