Effective Ways To Promote Your Android App

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    1. Follow Android Design Principles
    Luckily, Google has a detailed documentation on Material Design and it is a smart move to study the entire tutorial for creating the effects of paper and ink. Moreover, pay attention to the necessary elements for designing a perfect mobile app UI.

    2. Set Up Android Beta Testing
    Imagine an app without bugs focused on users’ needs and impressing early adopters. That’s how your app should look like and if you want this type of results in android installs then invite you to study how to run a Google Play Beta Test.

    3. Enable Feedback Channels
    when you launch the app and even after for minimizing the churn rate. While you can take advantage of the most popular feedback channels remember that the secret behind success is the relationship built with their customers and the proof that they care about users’ interests.

    4. Make Good Use Of ASO
    put yourself in customers’ shoes and to look at your app’s presentation from their point of view. Is the app icon so intriguing that makes you want to discover the app? If the answer is negative then you have to understand how to design a compelling app icon for android app promotion. After that, take a look at the app title and make sure that it is shorter than 30 characters but it still represents the apps’ core function or your brand (or both). Be careful to add only high-quality screenshots and maybe a preview video would be a good fit for your strategy. The final element is an intriguing app description and if you don’t know how to handle it then you will be glad to discover the best tips for writing amazing app store descriptions.

    5. Use Social Media Marketing
    Act smart and focus your strategy on quality, not on quantity. In the same time don’t forget the benefits of deep linking. Our useful folder with articles about social media advertising will inspire you to create the most amazing campaigns for your app.

    6. Find A Social Media Influencer
    Some influencers impress millions of followers after reviewing apps like yours on a daily basis. If one of them will agree to talk about your app then be prepared to discover the effects provided by this strategy for a long time from now on. Social media influencers are the secret sauce to your android app promotion strategy.

    7. Get Featured On Android Related Media
    Android sites focused on reviewing mobile apps represent a great solution for your creation and there are many options to choose from. Just to name a few.
    App Brain

    In the end should mention, Keep it up untill you success!t
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    Yeah, nice tips and tricks but let me guess... It's your service or you are one of the affiliate.

    I'll say this once: "If your idea is unique and you found the perfect balance between gameplay and frustration.... the game will sell by itself without any "service" requirements"
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