Duet Hop

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    Duet Hop features simple, familiar and intuitive gameplay. Tap the screen anywhere to make the ball jump, take the ball through same color hoops, and avoid different color hoops at the same time by manoeuvring through them. Players will get a duet hoop ( two coloured hoop ) at various stages and passing through that would change the ball color. After changing the ball color players need to go through the new coloured hoops matching with their ball.
    Don't go through different color hoops, skip the duet hop or touch the invisible boundaries at the edges because that would lead to you being defeated.
    Available now on App Store.
    App Store - https://apps.apple.com/app/duet-hop/id1469519710
    Google Play Store - Coming Soon

    Screenshot 1.png Screenshot 2.png Screenshot 3.png Screenshot 4.png

    Website - www.kohinoorgamestudio.com
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Kohinoor-Game-Studio-2313881448726984/
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