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    Hey Boxers we are proud to release our new service called 'Done For You'

    What is "Done For You"?
    This is a service we’re offering to Buildbox developers to help them with their game. Need a custom node? Yup we can help! Need some custom 3D assets like a character? Yup we can help with that! Do you want someone to completely develop your game from start to finish? Yup we can definitely help with that as well!

    Services offered
    • Custom Nodes - Sometimes theres something special you want to do in your game but can't with the built-in nodes in Buildbox. This is where we can help by building a custom node just for you. Because this node is yours, you can use it your other games, give it away or sell it to other buildbox users.

    • 3D Assets - Our design team is the best in the business! We design our assets using Photoshop, Blender & Maya to ensure you receive the highest quality asset(s).

    • Full Game Development - We can take your idea / concept and turn it into a full blown game. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with your game.

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