Display The Results From Both Android And Ios?

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    So this might be a really dumb question and I have searched online including BBF for about couple of hours and found no answer as I don't want the form to clutter up.

    If I have a game on Google Play and App Store would the users see the same leaderboard or different leaderboard as they are both separate platform and use different leaderboard services such as iTunes Game Center (App Store) and Play Games (Google Play).

    Would I use the Play Games service id for both platforms?
    Would the users see the same score in the leaderboard and who is on top from both platforms or to each their own?

    Haven't worked on App Store at all before so stay tuned for more questions if I am not able to find them online aleady :)
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    Aug 24, 2018
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    Google Play Store and App Store uses their own leaderboard system. For Google Play Store, it uses Google Play Games for display name.
    For App Store, it uses Game Services for display name.

    Only solution is to host leaderboard system yourself. But it requires coding, your own server and for users, it's not best experience, because most of them are already logged in to Google Play Gamesand Game Center.
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