Cyan Ball - Our First Casual Game Title

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    Hi Boxers,

    James here, the EggChell team and I are please to launch our first title, Cyan ball on Google and iOS.
    A classic platform game but hard as ….. mainly developed by Matt @eggchell using SDKs such as Admob, OneSignal and firebase.
    Apple -
    Google -

    Building on this theme we aim to release 3 more titles to make up the classic CMYK bundle, along with other hyper casual games.

    We have worked in the industry in different companies together for 6 years now. Mainly in mobile development for sports betting and mobile casinos but most recently in SaaS for the mobile industry. We decided to go on our own around a year ago and are pleased with Cyan Ball and have loved working with BuildBox. Throughout our time in the mobile industry we have seen what it takes to make a title succeed so as well as launching our own titles we want to reach out to any boxers who want help with publishing their own titles, reach out on our website or twitter if your interested in how we maybe able to help you.

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