Cant Save Game Progression!

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    Hello! Im have 3 worlds with this mindmap:
    Screenshot_3.png Im using event observer for level unlock(you need pick up some points to go to next world), all working fine, BUT when im going back to main menu and continue playing - im always go to world 1, my gaming progression not saving! This is my lock button to go to next level, im trying to use just navigation button for going to next world but have 0 results - no save progression. Help me please!
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    When i understand you currently you want to do this, right?:

    Start UI- go to world1
    When world 1 is finished, the player should go to wold 2
    And also when the player startd the game new, he should go to the unlocked world 2 and not again to world 1

    This is with the standard logic not possible i think, because you have connected the button or logic to the world 1 at first..

    But i used a little trick to archive this result (in my game „shup“)

    I stacked lock buttons on the start ui with the same position and highest level on top.
    The lock-image of the button is empty and i use only a regular image. So after unlock button 2 (is connected to world 2), the button is visible and on top.. because of the player go always to the last level he has unlocked..

    I hope this helps and is understandable
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    Thanks for this. Bailed me out big time with a World save state issue I had :)
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