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    Buildbox Community Terms of use/Policy

    Welcome to the official Buildbox Community. We built this community to exchange ideas and information between all of our members. Please note that while the Community is able to help with game related issues, including but not limited to the process of ideas, development and publishing, we strongly recommend going directly to for any and all account and billing issues.

    Please make sure to carefully read through the following list of key points. These key points may change at anytime for any reason and by participating in the forums and the discord group, you agree to the following:

    1. For official support relating to account/billing, please email you may also report bugs to us directly through (Please also include an in-depth description of the issue and include your Buildbox save file).

    2. Be respectful to all member of our community, including the staff as we have a zero tolerance policy on disrespectful behaviour.

    3. No inappropriate profiles (usernames, nicknames, avatars, linked accounts, playing status). This can include: zalgo, blank names, unusual unicode, political views, attention seeking names, overly lengthy usernames, slurs, or any other inappropriate material.

    4. No promoting of affiliate offers within the Community. This is for game developers/creators to reach out for support. this is not a place for you to gain customers

    5. Members who have created videos in relation to Buildbox or game development (not using any other Game development software) do have permission to share their direct video links. some members may be given permission to share their website but must ask first with a full link and explanation on why it should be shared.

    6. Please remember that all posts can be seen by others and does not need to have CAPS just to be seen. we will remove all that do.

    7. we understand that some members of our Community may be unhappy about our service at times, or a bug that they have found but please refrain from posting a rant as this isn't the best way to get seen. please go directly to for these issues as we value your opinion and would like to improve issues and bugs in the future.

    8. Users who attempt to cheat, exploit or fraud users will be banned without warning

    9. If you want to set a signature for your forum posts that is fine, but please be reasonable. One or two lines and/or a small banner graphic is more than enough.

    10. The Buildbox Community showcase channels is for showcasing Buildbox games only. comments can be made but will be removed after 48 hours

    11. Please be mindful that is it unfair to piggyback on someone else'sPost. You are free to create a new post, and you have full right to but unrelated comments to a Post will be removed.

    12. Under no circumstances do we allow topics that are Illegal, or against a policy of any other service. this is not limited to Buildbox software.

    13. Moderators are here to aid you in many ways. do have permission to use the @Moderator Tag as we will be happy to be of service.

    14. Community Mentors are also here to aid you in many ways, without the added responsibilities that Moderators receive. you may also use the @Community Mentor tag if you require help.

    15. This one is the most important term of use. Have fun and enjoy the Community!

    Before you go, we would like to give you some Golden Tips

    1. We have created many different channels, if you require help, try and ask in a channel related to the issue.

    2. Search before you ask. There's a big chance aomeone has already asked your question. Use the search function on the forum and discord. If no results appear, initiate the discussion. we have also added a FAQs channel that in always being updated, plus Tutorial Channels, Check it out!

    3. if you are not sure what a channel is used for, check its description.

    4. Some members don't like being tagged all the time, try and be respectful.
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