Buildbox Classic 2.23.9 Update – Now With Storygames Ai

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    We are excited to announce the release of Story Games AI, now available in the latest update of Buildbox Classic version 2.23.9.

    Every story is worth turning into a game, and with StoryGames AI, bringing your stories to life has never been easier. This incredible new feature inside Buildbox Classic enables anyone to create their own visual novel game in minutes.

    Simply by giving your responses to a few basic questions, StoryGames will take your ideas and generate a ten-chapter visual novel game with a unique storyline, AI-generated art, and interactive choices.

    With Buildbox Classic, you have the ability to edit, fully customize, and expand your visual novel game according to your creative vision. Easily rearrange elements to reposition text and buttons. You can even change where each player’s choice goes to make the perfect decision tree! Plus, the built-in AI asset generator on the sidebar makes creating new images while editing your chapter visuals super convenient.

    StoryGames AI

    StoryGames AI is conveniently accessible on our website too! That means you can instantly create your project file and download it to edit in Buildbox Classic easily. You can also find StoryGames in our free app, Buildbox World, making it possible to create games directly on your mobile phone. Build, play, and discover other cool games without ever leaving Buildbox World.

    Whether you prefer science fiction dystopias, traditional romance, detective noir, or mystical fantasy, StoryGames AI allows you to take players on exciting expeditions to uncharted territories filled with thrilling encounters. The potential for creation with StoryGames is truly limitless.

    We can’t wait to see what you create with StoryGames AI!


    For a detailed list of changes, you can view the complete change log below:

    Here’s What’s New in Buildbox Classic 2.23.9!
    Introducing StoryGames
    • Starting Off – The first use of the AI Assistant available on the welcome screen is to guide you through the process of bringing your story ideas to life! Just load up Buildbox and answer a few questions and our AI will do the rest.
    • Our AI does a lot! It takes your story idea and creates a title, a mission statement for your players, 10 chapters of images, story, and options for your players to choose from. Each option has potential impact on health (if you choose to track) which can lead to failure, or to their coin stash! It also creates a positive and negative end screen, background audio, and assembles everything for you.
    • Skipping Questions – The enter key can be used to skip unnecessary questions or apply default answers whenever possible. The first question, your story idea, has to come from you though!
    • Build Progress – Once you’ve started building your StoryGame, you can see the progress in the Activity Log which opens to the right of the AI Assistant.
    • Note – While building a StoryGame, you cannot also start another new project. Attempting to do so will offer you the opportunity to cancel your StoryGame build.
    • Multi-Language Support – Our AI is multilingual, and will do its best to create your StoryGame in the language you initially describe it in.
    • See Guide – Our AI will helpfully point you towards a quick-start guide helping you understand how to edit and expand your story game after they start building your game. You can check out that guide directly at

    New Features:
    • New Label Object – Available on UI screens and Worlds. This new label supports text alignment, fixed sizes, text wrap, built-in typewriter text display animation, pagination, and loop on end. For more information, see below.
    • Label Pagination allows text that doesn’t fit in the fixed size to be loaded fresh into the same label when the user taps on the Text Button.
    • Label Loop On End allows for an additional tap of the Text Button to show the originally displayed block of text for that label.
    • New Text Button UI Object supports both images including png sequences and functionality for both fast forward which skips typewriter animation on active labels and continue which triggers the pagination function of the new labels
    • Note – the old label object still exists and is marked as Legacy. We kept these around so that pre-existing bbdocs don’t suddenly start behaving strangely for those updating their applications. We do however strongly recommend the use of the new labels in every situation.
    • UI Navigation buttons now have the ability to modify character health and current world coin count
    • Redirect Node – Available from the right click menu on the Mind Map alongside Worlds & UI’s. This offers an alternative to linking worlds and scenes directly, in some cases offering a much cleaner and easier to follow (and edit) Mind Map.
    • Revised Home Screen – featuring the new AI Assistant and its custom StoryGames.
    • Laptop Navigation Controls – pinch to zoom in, pull to zoom out, and 2 finger swipe to scroll around the Mind Map & Editor screens.
    • New UI Zoom Slider in the top right corner of the Mind Map
    • Your previously open Worlds and UI’s will now auto-reopen when you reopen your save file

    Fixed Issues:
    • Stick to Edge – now offering more options and better performance for the whole range of different devices supported by Buildbox Classic exports
    • Trying to quit Buildbox with an unsaved project previously had some strange behaviors. We cleaned them up so projects should always save, or not, the first time, as you would expect based on your menu choices
    Thanks for your feedback and ongoing support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements soon.
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