Buildbox Beta Bug - Mini Gui On Minimize [low Priority]

Discussion in 'Buildbox 3.0' started by The Pumpkin Studios, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Sep 25, 2018
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    Since there was no Buildbox Beta 2 Thread, so i posted it here
    Greetings, i have encountered a weird bug. if i minimize buildbox at the start, i get a small UI snippet on the screen that i can drag around, and double clicking it gives me a grey screen.

    Its not high priority to fix, but its really funny to play around with.

    Here is a video attached for better reference:

    i7 4th Gen Intel Processor
    32GB Ram
    AMD R9 290 Video Graphic Card
    Windows 10 64 Bit operating System.

    I completely support the Buildbox 3 Team, and would like to help out in any way possible, even with identifying little bugs such as this. Do your best! I am rooting for you!

    If this bug was already identified then i apologize.

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