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Would you like a possibility of making 3D Depth perceived multi layered Platformer in BB3

  1. Of Course Why not! Something like "The Last Night"

  2. Nah... To much of a work and just not interested

  1. saifizaid19

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    Mar 23, 2016
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    Hello Everyone, I remember making Level based games on BB2 and they were really great for setting up a narrative driven game. But in BB3 It does seem like they're not an option in BB3? Like any way or trick to make the game level based? I mean simple basic level design.

    You Successfully reach the end of the level 1. You progress to 2nd.

    I Tried everything and that's why decided to ask you guys here. So is it still possible or something coming in Beta 2 or is BB3 Only for endless run games? because that would be weird.

    I did notice POOL preset is only one level but again it's a game trapped in a playground.

  2. jmiller8031

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    Feb 23, 2018
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    You just create a trigger that takes you to the next world. We don't have the API yet so no one knows how yet, but it should be possible.
  3. Xoctrebla

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    Mar 19, 2017
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    In BB2,When you get to Level Complete there would be an unlock button "Unlock Level N+1" (n=whatever level completed) and this would update the main menu so when you exit the game and menu pops up it takes you to the previous level. On the main menu i would have the lock navigation button stacked on top of each (2,3,4,5,etc) other with blockthrough touch disabled. I'm trying to set this is up in BB3 with little luck, hopefully i'm missing something but i'm looking as well
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