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Discussion in 'Buildbox 3.0' started by B.K., Sep 13, 2018.

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    Hi guys. I'm a Buildbox newbie but I've been doing tutorials and reading posts etc for the last couple of months. This is my first post. I couldn't see an existing section where we can make constructive suggestions for what to add to the next iteration of BB3. It would be great to get feedback from the R&D guys as to what they are working on already. Here is my initial list...

    Buildbox 3 Beta - Must haves
    • Make scripts accessible for EVERY functionality available in 2D so we can cut and paste it into 3D.
    • Add to UI’s - navigation buttons like joystick, ability for player to move camera view around objects etc
    • Ability to drag-select multiple objects in a scene using Shift for all and Command for selected objects as per standard protocols in Photoshop and other programs
    • Ability to open code on every node. Many are still hidden/inaccessible.
    • Add folders so we can group items in left hand menu
    • Add Red, Blue and Green or (XYZ) direction dots and a Random symbol above every function setting for ease of selection.
    • Ability to nudge selected objects using arrow buttons - arrows for for 1 pixel and Shift for 5 pixels at a time.
    • Ability to select/paint different parts of a 3D object to designate for collision. Not just the entire object.
    • Add connection links button as per 2D so objects can be linked.
    • Ability to re-name instances of objects not just the objects themselves.
    • Ability to adjust opacity, speed and other functionalities of instances.
    • Ad Advanced move and component functionality
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    Good list.
    Some additions.

    EmitSignal / Signal doesn't work (at least from Script to Script. )
    Should not be selecting a variable TYPE for signal output or input. This is javascript. You'll know the type from the type being used in the this.emitSignal() command. But if you must, please add type "String"

    emitSignal() should support any number of variables (and any types). That's consistent w/ Javascript.

    Please oh please, give us language error messages in the log window. The slightest typo should not be a silent mystery that takes hours to find.

    Instead of opening blank, a new script should start w/ a standard template we provide (e.g. in a settings window).

    Log window should have ON/OFF, PAUSE/RESUME, FIND, and EXPORT, please.

    Would be amazing if javascript code window had choices for scope of the find feature: This component, this entity, this Scene, entire Game. (including code in smart assets and builtin assets.

    Variable name completion in the source code editor would be wonderful.

    Licensing feature for smart assets, including hidden source code. Profit motive is a powerful force.

    ..more later..
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