Buildbox’s New Lower Pricing And More!

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    We’ve got a game-changing announcement about our pricing!

    Starting today, we are reducing our prices to make Buildbox even more affordable for aspiring game creators like you.

    We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to bring their wildest gaming dreams to life, and now, with our new lower pricing, that dream is within your grasp. We want you to unleash your creativity without any barriers or financial strain holding you back.

    Whether you choose Buildbox Classic, our 2D game maker with AI tools and no-code options or our advanced Buildbox 3 software for creating complex 3D or 2D games without coding, you can’t go wrong. There’s also Soundbox (our audio software for game developers) and the Ultimate Bundle plan, which includes Buildbox Classic Pro, Buildbox 3 Pro, and Soundbox, that’s now available at a lower price as well.

    You can check out the exciting new yearly subscription prices below:

    New Buildbox Pricing
    • Buildbox Classic Plus – $57.99 (per year)
    • Buildbox Classic Pro – $137.99 (per year)
    • Buildbox 3 Plus – $97.99 (per year)
    • Buildbox 3 Pro – $297.99 (per year)
    • Soundbox – $49.99 (per year)
    • Buildbox Ultimate Bundle – $447.99 (per year)
    But, that’s not all. If you haven’t heard yet, our revenue share options have been updated too!

    Updated Revenue Share
    • You keep 100% of all Apple App Store Revenue
    • You keep 100% of all Google Play Store Revenue
    • You keep 100% of all In-App Purchases
    • You keep 100% of all Custom Ad Network Revenue
    Developers get to keep 100% of all App Store or Google Play revenue earned from the games they create using Buildbox. You also get to keep 100% of the revenue generated from in-app purchases or any custom ad networks added to your games.

    Plus, we’re having an incredible sale right now! For a limited time, you can grab Buildbox at an even lower price with a whopping 50% discount. That’s right, half off the already jaw-dropping new pricing.

    So what are you waiting for?


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